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Hi! I'm a New York City based actor, singer, & dancer

who loves working in theatre, film, & voice over

Maura Rygg in NUTS!

When I was a young girl in Irwin, Pennsylvania I had big dreams. Dreams that included playing dress up, using different names, and living a hundred different lives. That dream was to be a spy. However, after one karate class taken and one karate class quit, I decided acting was the next best thing.


After this discovery, I dove head first into musical theatre and grew to thrive in that community. New York University was the channel that pushed me to a whole ocean of performance styles and outlets. Since coming to NYU and studying at The Atlantic Acting School’s studio (class of '23), I fell in love with plays, film, and performance I had never dreamed of when I was hiding secret-coded-spy-notes for my sister to find.  While at my Film & TV Residency at Stonestreet Studios, I worked behind the camera to better understand how to work in front of it. Now, I am creating the stories as well as being a voice to tell them.


Photo by my mom!

My passion is stepping fully into worlds known and unknown- making people smile all the while.

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